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20212 Redwood Road #103C
Castro Valley, CA 94546

4725 First Street, #222
Pleasanton, CA 94566





Welcome to my practice! 

My name is Rachel Haynes and I offer psychotherapy services to adults and teens age 13 and up. Therapy can help heal emotional wounds, and also make you realize your true potential in life. Knowing your capacity for joy, peace, healing and awareness-- provided you have a strong desire and the right support, can be life changing. Psychotherapy offered responsibly and empathically can be that support, if you are struggling and need a safe space to be heard and understood by someone other than family and friends. Someone that is professionally trained to recognize unhealthy patterns of behavior, coping skills that are no longer serving you, and a neutral third party not emotionally connected to you. To simply be heard, is extremely gratifying and helpful in this fast-paced, digital era that has little room for authentic interactions. 


I truly look forward to connecting with you!

My services include:

  • Individual counseling for teens and adults struggling with depression, self-harm, transition, grief and loss, trauma, stress, addiction, substance abuse, self- esteem issues, family of origin, PTSD,  ACA, clients looking to recover from Narcissistic Abuse, and Domestic Violence. 

  • Guided Focusing sessions for deep inner listening, wellness, and spiritual connection

  • Couples Counseling The key to any satisfying, long-term relationship is openness, commitment, vulnerability, and a willingness to take emotional risks. When you ignore issues in a relationship, they typically become more and more unhealthy until – finally – they’re irreparable.

  • Creating a healthy, happy relationships sets the stage for more satisfaction in all areas of your life!

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